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After an emergency admission to the Royal Children’s Hospital for one of my daughters, I was reminded of how much I enjoyed my earlier training years in paediatrics as a junior doctor. Medical facilities designed for children should be bright, colourful and uplifting spaces. Most GP clinics are nothing like this.




My daughter’s visit inspired me to create a general practice in the Melbourne inner north. At Clifton Hill Clinic we have been careful to retain the beautiful historic features of our heritage listed building, while also exhibiting a unique internal child friendly design playing with light, colour and geometry. Particular focus has been paid to kids and parents, with an outdoor courtyard and playground area.




I am a father of four children born through IVF. Clifton Hill Clinic understands the pressures that couples experience when going through fertility treatment. IVF can be stressful and difficult, and we are very experienced in this area. We welcome all parents, including those looking to start non-traditional families through alternative parenting methods.




The Clinic supports Doctors For The Environment. We have incorporated significant green friendly design into the building. Clifton Hill Clinic has substantial solar power and recycled storm water for toilets. On many days most of the Clinic’s power is generated on site.




Clifton Hill Clinic is just over 100 metres from the Clifton Hill train station. There is ample long term car parking in nearby streets. The Clinic is located in a quiet area which is safe for unloading children from vehicles.





Clifton Hill Clinic now comprises a group of dedicated GPs who look forward to helping you with all your health care needs. The doctors at Clifton Hill Clinic are passionate about the delivery of high quality healthcare and look forward to welcoming you to the Clinic.

Dr Giles Brewster



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